Indonesian Man Grows Cannabis For Dying Wife, Is Jailed For 8 Months

On Wednesday, an Indonesian man was jailed on the island of Borneo, for a sentence of eight months. What was the nature of his crime? Growing cannabis for his cancer-stricken…

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A Typo Could Compromise Cannabis Legalization Initiative In South Dakota

Among the states that are currently host to cannabis-centered ballot initiatives (like  Michigan  and  Utah ), South Dakota has run into an unexpected kind of trouble. A single sentence contained…

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The NFL Has Reached Out To Players Association To Study Cannabis

The thought that maybe, just maybe, the NFL might loosen its restrictions on cannabis use by players, is one that has been kicked around quite a bit. But for the…

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Medical Cannabis Initiative Is Gaining Support In Utah

Throughout the state of Utah, a ballot initiative is making its rounds in an effort to gather signatures in support of medical cannabis. In a poll commissioned by the Salt…

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Medical Cannabis Just Got A Step Closer To Being Sold In Hawaiian Dispensaries

The road to  bringing medical cannabis  to the people of Hawaii has been a long and bumpy one. Though the state legalized the use of the plant for medical purposes…

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Can Cannabis Help End The US Opioid Epidemic?

The United States is experiencing what’s rightfully being called an  opioid epidemic . The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that an average of 91 Americans die each day…

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